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Running, by faith and with endurance, from mental illness to marathon runner, charity campaigner, and brother in Christ

Mental Health

In 2017, I am fundraising and awareness raising for Mind, the mental health charity. Below is a full archive of posts on the site related to mental health:-

6 January 2018: A Life Worth Living

12 years on from the day that changed my life, reflecting on a journey post suicide​​​... a life worth living

10 October 2017: A New Thing
World Mental Health Day has allowed great reflection, and affirmed a choice to concentrate on today's joy and tomorrow's hope...

1 May 2017: A Dark Reminder: Suicide
This weekend has given me a stark reminder of why this journey began. Suicide & mental health is at the forefront.

​9 January 2017: Comment - The PM's Pledge

Theresa May can promise the world but talk is cheap without action. My response to the Prime Minister's pledges around mental health.

5 January 2017: What's Another Year?

Tomorrow is 11 years since that fateful day when I finally asked for help, since I woke up from that suicide attempt and chose life.

4 January 2017: Headcase

In the modern world of media, Liz Fraser disrupts the trends ... not only does she do lots of things, but she does them all well!! And that includes mental health.

3 January 2017: Life After Suicide: The Long Road

I wrote this after speaking at ManMade: The Conference in June 2016, talking about the stages of recovery and self-empowerment after surviving suicidal episodes

30 December 2016: Me... & My Mental Illness

Me...& My Mental Illness is a raw, powerful and emotional documentary which aired in November 2016