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Comment: The Prime Minister's Pledge

​​I'll keep this brief and to the point after Theresa May's pledge to deal with the injustice of mental illness.

That mental health is high on the public agenda is to be celebrated; that we have heard it all before is deflating. Without action, the Prime Minister’s words are empty and hollow.

Stigma is no longer the biggest crisis to mental health in this country, and it hasn’t been for a while. The crisis engulfing mental health in the United Kingdom is a chronic lack of resource and expertise, from lack of specialist knowledge in the front line of General Practice through to the shortage of services and the dire disproportion in funding; it makes grim reading.

We can change attitudes and drive policy change, but none of it makes an iota of difference if the medical and care sector are utterly underprepared to deal with the demand.

So yes, well done Mrs May for saying what is on everybody’s mind, but now back it up by providing the infrastructure to drive this country forward and truly make a difference when it comes to mental health.