At the beginning of 2016, I had plans to run another 4 marathons. Illness (vertigo) forced me to withdraw from the first 3 of those, and I was unable to run at all between the end of January and beginning of May. As the end of the year rapidly approaches, I have ended up running 7 marathons, all between August and December!!

It has been a great year from a running perspective and also one in which I have raised a further £991 for Mind, the mental health charity, a total of £11,031 raised over a three year period. Running and fundraising / mental health awareness go hand in hand for me; running is the means I have to change the lives of others, to ensure that we continue to challenge perceptions,

However, this doesn't mean that I don't have running goals; my very nature as an individual means that I am always trying to be better, to push my boundaries, and this year, I have gone way beyond what I thought possible when it comes to running. Since the spring marathons of 2015, I'd had ambitions of running a sub 3:15:00 marathon, which would allow me to apply for GFA (Good For Age) entry for London and several other marathons. However, the illness in the early part of the year had me left me doubting if I could run another marathon and, if so, if I could ever run with any kind of freedom.

I am still under the care of the consultant, but have her full blessing to run, and this second half of 2016 has been a quite special one for me, completing 7 marathons to end the year on my lucky number of 13:-

  • Phoenix Summer Marathon (Walton-on-Thames) - 6 August - 3:24:01
  • Wolverhampton City Marathon - 4 September - 3:13:16
  • Richmond Marathon - 18 September - 3:10:11
  • Kingston Marathon - 9 October - 3:03:32
  • Thames Meander Marathon (Kingston upon Thames) - 5 November - 3:00:23
  • Firenze Marathon (Firenze / Florence) - 27 November - 3:01:34
  • Phoenix Year End Marathon (Walton-on-Thames) - 28 December - 3:11:13

Beyond this, I also ran PBs at 5k, 10k, and Half-Marathon distance, the latter of which was very special to me personally, being run in my home city of Birmingham. I am really looking forward to 2017, during which I will become an Ultra runner and will continue to enjoy my running and be the best I can be.

2016: Looking Back

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